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Welcome to CNA Support & Consulting Services, LLC

Welcome to CNA Support & Consulting Services, LLC. We provide individuals with products and services for preparation to take the CNA State exam. One of the most common questions about the CNA exam is, how difficult is it to pass? Most individuals do not have difficulty with the written portion of the exam.

However, a great number of individuals have difficulty with the skills portion of the exam. This is mainly due to a lack of accumulated practice time, not understanding what is expected, natural nervousness and test anxiety. This video will increase your confidence as well as chances of passing the skills exam. It provides proper demonstration of the skills and allows you to practice in the convenience of your home at your pace. It is common to experience some anxiety on test day, after all an evaluator is standing over you watching your every move. Those who are well prepared are successful.

"Our unique array of services help develop competent and confident caregivers who understand the importance of caring for others as well as caring for themselves"

View another sample skill demonstration below. Purchase your own DVD today and prepare to work tomorrow!

Full DVD consists of the following CNA skills:

Hand washing, Application of One Knee High Stocking, Assist To Walk Using A Gait/Transfer Belt , Helping Client With Use of the Bedpan, Denture Cleaning (Upper or Lower) , Counting and Recording of Radial Pulse, Counting and Recording of Respirations, Putting on and Taking Off PPE (Gown and Gloves), Dressing Client with a Shirt with Affected (weak) Right Arm, Candidate Feeds Client Who Cannot Feed Themselves, Providing Client with a Modified Bed Bath, Demonstrate Foot Care for One Foot, Demonstrate Mouth Care, Demonstrates Perineal Care on Female Mannequin, Demonstrate Transferring Client from Bed to Wheel Chair Using Transfer/Gait Belt

Here Are Other Important Things You Can Do To Prepare For The CNA State Exam:

1. Get plenty of rest the night before testing.​

2. If you have taken a training class give yourself enough time to practice after you have completed your training. However, do not wait a long period of time before scheduling your test date.

3. Review, review, review your notes and practice your skills over and over again. Do not take the simple skills for granted. Practice all skills.

4. Maintain a positive attitude and a positive atmosphere.

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