" Our DVD and Digital Download are designed for the following states"

Ans. A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant who assist patients or clients with healthcare  needs under the supervision of a RN (Registered Nurse).

Ans. This video goes step by step on how to do the required skills for testing. This will be  an aid to your success when paired with studying and hands on practice. Please check your Nurse Aide State Registry for individual state requirements.

Ans. No. You should make sure you contact the Nurse Aide Registry for the state you plan to test in. This will ensure that you have information on the material you will be tested on.

Ans. No. However we encourage all individuals to attend a state approved training program who have never worked in healthcare before.

Ans. Go on the internet to your Nurse Aide State Registry for information. For example: www.ncnar.org

Ans. Contact the office for the most current class schedule updates at 336-315-7500.