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“Incorporating your DVD in our curriculum has benefited our program greatly. Thank you for such an innovative tool for our students to utilize in the classroom as well as at home.”


Mary Kathryn Duncan, RN, BS
The Skills DVD for CNA State Exam has been an excellent tool for us to use in the classroom. Your demonstration of the skills is very clear, concise and easy for my students to understand. I use the DVD to initially demonstrate the skill, and then I have the students view it when reviewing for the state exam. Thank you for providing this valuable educational tool!
Mary Kathryn Duncan, RN, BS CNA Instructor,Alabama

Kimberly C.,

“This DVD is must have. With the training I received in my class it help me to be more confident when I took my state exam.”

Kimberly C., GA

Jessica T.

“As an instructor this skills DVD enhanced our classes in lab in the understanding of how the skills should be performed during testing. The students appreciated the step by step demonstration and it was very informative. Well put together.”

Jessica T. SC

Laura B.
“I was so thrilled to have passed my CNA test yesterday! I have to say that the DVD really prepared me. I don’t know if I would have passed had I not picked it up last Saturday, so thank you!
Laura B. NC

Frederick B.
“This DVD is the best and the instructor is very knowledgeable on the subject matter. Critical steps, scroll up the screen and the instructor emphasizes those steps. I do not know what I would have done without this DVD!”

Frederick B. NC

Amanda T.

“I learned a lot by being able to see the skills and exact steps that would be included and expected to meet in order to feel more confident in my training.”

Amanda T. NC

Gina P.
“The video was very helpful. You can understand each skill and how to perform it. All students should be able to pass by watching this video.”
Gina P. NC

Karen S.

“Great DVD! I really enjoyed it. It was extremely helpful with steps being easy to follow and great demonstration on how to perform them. The scrolling of the steps on the screen was great reinforcement as well. The presenter was very professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend this DVD to anyone interested in preparing for the state exam.”

Karen S. VA

Sharon V.

“Wow this DVD was amazing. It help me prepare even more at home. I was able to review my skills over and over again. Thank you for helping me be successful in passing my state exam and growing my confidence level.”

Sharon V. AL